ESJ’s audit team can put your accounting system to the ultimate test. ESJ is the perfect partner to offer you the help and advice needed to ensure that all the accounting processes operate more smoothly and efficiently.


ESJ provides a full range of tax advisory and implementation services to companies and individuals. From analysis, tax planning and consulting to negotiations, tax audits, expatriates services and arrangement of advance rulings with authorities.

International payroll & expatriate tax

Our payroll service offering includes fully automated handling of all payroll affairs, employment contracts, absenteeism records, and maintenance of payroll records through our payroll consultancy service.

Corporate Finance

ESJ Corporate Finance has broad experience in assisting clients with their corporate finance challenges. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of advisors is ready to negotiate the perfect deal for you.

Doing business

Our team of international advisors knows the answers to questions that foreign businesses and entrepreneurs have when making their first venture into the European market.


ESJ offers foreign clients the possibility to get fiscal representation within the Netherlands. With its fiscal representation services ESJ can assist foreign clients with an optimal and efficient import of goods within the EU.