Commercial growth and development inevitably require investments, frequently driving the need for financing real estate, equipment, equities and/or holdings, marketing programmes and many other initiatives essential to business success. ESJ has broad experience in assisting clients with their corporate finance challenges, investment decisions and valuation exercises.

Services range from identifying venture capital, guiding the process of mergers, acquisitions (domestic and international) and management buy-outs, performing due diligence reviews, arranging for optimum fund sourcing, executing/providing assistance in financial structuring and restructuring transactions, to drafting partnership and financing contracts.

The perfect deal

ESJ Corporate Finance has broad experience in assisting clients with their corporate finance challenges e.g.; M&A transactions, investment decisions, business valuation and due diligence. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of advisors is ready to negotiate the perfect deal for you.

ESJ Corporate Finance is the SME specialist for:

  • M&A transactions: acquisitions and disposals
  • Family succession/Management buyout/buy-in
  • Business valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Restructuring
  • Financing

All business valuations carried out by ESJ Corporate Finance are performed by a register valuator, member of the Dutch Institute for Register Valuators (NiRV).

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Direct persoonlijk advies?

Direct persoonlijk advies?

Jan de Jonge
Jan de Jonge

Senior Advisor Corporate Finance - Register Valuator

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