ESJ International Payroll offers services to both small and large organisations. Our service offering includes fully automated handling of all payroll affairs, employment contracts, absenteeism records, and maintenance of payroll records through our payroll consultancy service. Our specialists are available to deal with your enquiries about such issues as income tax and social security regulations. In addition, we can offer assistance and advisory services in respect of:

  • social security legislation (national and international)
  • payroll tax legislation
  • international tax issues / salary splits
  • employment contracts
  • labour law issues
  • 30% ruling applications
  • fringe benefits
  • payroll tax and social security audits
  • appeal proceedings against decisions by the Tax Authorities on objections

In our memorandum Payroll 2020 you will find all the up to date information about the most important topics for the employer and employees. It provides the latest changes in laws and regulations and the new figures practically in a row. Think of employment law regulations, privacy rules, employment agreement and the changes around the minimum wage. Download our special Wages 2020 below.

Special Wages 2020

Contact us for further information about International Payroll and Expatriate Tax.

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