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Europe has plenty to offer international businesses and now we have even more to offer businesses outside our continent. ESJ International business advisors are reliable and competent partners to provide financial services to companies all over the world who are operating in or with plans to have business with Europe.

Doing business internationally expands a company’s horizon and offers unique opportunities for growth, development and profit building.

Our ESJ International advisors answer many questions that foreign businesses and entrepreneurs have when making their first venture into the European market, leveraging on our extensive experience in regard to establishing businesses in the Netherlands, Germany, The UK and the rest of Europe. We offer excellent operating bases from a business and social perspective and have one of the most open economies in the world. From an outstanding infrastructure - including Europe’s largest ports in Rotterdam and Hamburg - to a competitive tax climate and a strong tax treaty network!


The Netherlands is an attractive base for doing business and for investment. Its open and international outlook, well-educated work force and strategic location are contributors. The attractive fiscal climate and technological infrastructure create favorable propositions for international business.

Dutch corporate law provides a flexible and liberal framework for the organization of subsidiares or branches. There are no special restrictions for a foreign entrepreneur to do business in the Netherlands.

Main port to Europe

The country’s perfect location and healthy financial policy have helped to ensure that the Netherlands has grown into an important import and export nation. The country’s most important industrial activities include oil refineries, chemicals, foodstuff processing and the development of electronic products. Germany, Belgium-Luxembourg, China, Great Britain, France and the United States are the country’s main import partners. All the above mentioned countries, including Italy, are also the country’s most influential export partners.

Economic and political

Find out more about the economic and political situation in the Netherlands, a trade profile and business cases in this Allinial Global manual Doing Business in the Netherlands. Download the manual below.

Doing business in the Netherlands

Opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs

The Dutch government offers a number of incentive schemes in various sectors to support companies in their business operations. Foreign entrepreneurs who set up companies in the Netherlands can also apply for a number of incentive schemes. Further more it’s possible to obtain advance certainty regarding the fiscal qualification of international corporate structures in the form of so-called Advance Tax Rulings. Its vast network of tax treaties offers instrument for international tax planning.

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