We consider taxation from every angle, with one singular aim: Your success!

More advice. Less taxes. Each industry has its own tax considerations. Our expert advisors aim to contribute to fulfilling the financial objectives of our clients businesses by optimizing their tax burden. They amassed many years of experience working across numerous sectors and industries.

The services offered by ESJ international Business Advisors go beyond the preparation of your financial statements or taking care of your tax return. They contribute ideas and look together with you towards the future. What do you need to take into account considering the market environment, what can you expect and what is the best way to respond to these developments.

In today’s unremitting tax environment, optimising the net worth and liquidity of an enterprise depends upon creative, original tax planning and secure implementation.

Both national and international tax regimes are becoming increasingly complex and convoluted with every new financial year. Our ESJ Tax specialists are extremely alert to the many opportunities that the Dutch system has to offer, however, these opportunities can only be exploited by means of careful analysis and preparation, with well prepared structures, using proper procedures and approaches.

ESJ provides a full range of tax advisory and implementation services to companies and individuals, from analysis, tax planning, consulting, and submission of returns to negotiations, tax audits, expatriates services and arrangement of advance rulings with authorities.


The Dutch system offers many tax facilities, but taxpayers can only capitalise on them after careful analysis and preparation, using well thought-out structures, and the right procedures and approaches. Both national and international tax regimes are becoming increasingly complex and convoluted with every new financial year. ESJ provides a full range of tax advisory and implementation services, such as:

  • tax planning
  • corporate location planning
  • effective use of low-tax jurisdictions, transfer pricing
  • risk management and compliance
  • profit realisation
  • international team

Our experience in resolving disputes with authorities enables us to reduce our clients’ tax burden and to help you avoid complications or disputes.

Our international service department provides tax and other services on a daily basis to many international clients located in (Eastern) Europe, the United States and Asia. We offer:

  • extensive consultancy
  • practical recommendations and a hands-on approach to problems
  • prompt identification and resolution of problems
  • independence = valued judgement

We understand the importance for foreign investors to know in advance what the tax implications of their cross border investments will be. The business advisors of ESJ International know what the options are and can provide you in advance with regard of the implications of proposed activities in Europe. Doing business is at core a people’s process, and your foreign investment is the start of a lasting relationship with our teams, third-party partners and our network in Europe. We welcome your direct enquiries at all times. Our experienced professionals can help you to optimize your business in Europe by:

  • Drawing up the necessary instruments for a partnership firm, limited partnership or professional partnership
  • Mergers, divisions and acquisitions
  • Purchasing or renting business premises
  • Advising on deal structure, performing commercial and financial due diligence
  • HR related issues such as drawing up and terminating employment contracts, labour disputes, Collective Bargaining Agreement issues, the consequences of a transfer of a company, severance packages, illness or disability of employees

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